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What to consider before hiring event rentals
Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a charity fund raising event, a business networking event or a wedding reception, it may become an uphill task especially if this is your first time. There are lots of things that you need to consider to make the event a successful one. To make it possible, it’s always advisable to hire an event rental company.

When hiring an event rental company, you should not hurry while making your decision. Event rental companies don’t only provide the required décor items but they also help you to set the place and the party tents and canopies if you’re planning an outdoor event. It’s equally important to keep in mind that hosting an event also means sticking to your budget. In your excitement, you may tend to cross your budget and procure various new items for the event. But this may overshoot your budget drastically. So, before contacting an event rental company, you should ask one fundamental question to yourself which is – will you require the items again? For instance, many special events need different kinds of decorations and equipments that you’ll hardly use the next time. Conversely, chocolate fountains have become a great hit for corporate events and wedding receptions. But the question is will you use that again after the big day. Most probably, the answer is No. It would also be a good idea to see if your catering toronto specialist has any of these food related items that you need as many do carry them these days. If not, simply rent it from décor items providers and you can splurge the extra money on the things that you’ll adore forever. Now, it’s time to consider some key things before hiring an event rental company. Here, we’ve jotted down five key things that you must consider asking the event rental company:

  • Track record of good service: Perhaps the last thing you want to occur on the important event day is to have the service provider failing to live up to their commitment. You simply can’t afford the rental company to arrive late or face difficulties when setting eh décor. This is why you must check the company’s track record of good service before hiring them. Simply go online and check the reviews and look what their previous clients have said about their services. If the company is situated in your vicinity, you can also check who’ve used their services and what those clients have to say.

  • Broad inventory: Some event rental companies talk about broad inventories and when the time comes, they fail to deliver. Hence, you should select such a company that actually has broad inventory for convenient, one-stop shopping. A good event rental company should be able to deliver all the things you’ll require from tents, lightsand designer floor décor to almost everything in between. Sometimes, they may not have it, but they should still be able to arrange it on time.

  • Responsiveness: In most of the events, small changes do happen at the eleventh hour. When you call them regarding the change, will there be someone sitting on the other side to answer your call? Or if you send an email, a fax or leave a voice message, will you get it answered within a reasonable period of time? A good rental company must have their representative to answer your calls, fax, emails during normal business hours. If it happens after business hours, they should respond quickly on the following business day. In case of any urgent requirement, they should provide you with an emergency number through which you can reach out to one of their representatives. Check all such things to avoid facing troubles due to last-minute changes.

  • Rates: Rates are unquestionably a deciding factor for hiring an event rental company. But you shouldn’t hire a company just based on its rates. In many events, there are some extra services that you may require. Choose among those companies that can provide those extra services at a reasonable price. By doing this, you can expect good quality service at a fair price and make the big day as stress-free as possible.

  • Professionalism: Does the rental company organize events in a professional manner? Do their service personnel appear in clean company uniforms? Do they work with you and your guests in a courteous manner? Does the company have membership of any trade association in its niche? Do the service personnel have any professional certificates related to this industry? Getting all these answered will help you ensure a successful event.

Keep these five basic tips in mind to find an efficient and reliable event rental company that’ll help you run your big day event seamlessly.